04 March 2010

How on earth does one put feelings into words?!?

I find myself in or asked to help with complex situations. My first feeling (even if it's about me, and my BAD attitude) is,
"Is this going to help me get to Heaven?"
I have to continually think this/like this because that thought is the sole purpose of why we are on Planet Earth. Of course, it gets a bit more complicated, but only because we make it. That thought needs/should/has to be our first thought. Eternity is a long time. Our brains CANNOT even grasp it. Most of us go into denial about it, saying,
"Oh there is NO eternity and especially NO GOD."
Well, that's how we think. UNFORTUNATELY, simply that concept is denying the truth. For example: Your eyes are blue. Someone comes up to you and says,
"Oh I like your green eyes." because they believe that blue is green. The Truth is the Truth.
Well, God is God, eternity is long and this is true. ABSOLUTE TRUTH. And for everyone who wants to KNOW the truth bad enough, PRAY. And guess what?!? God hears and answers and that is why you get people like me telling others about. The "others" haven't wanted to know the TRUTH bad enough to pray and get an answer from God.
SO the key to all complex situations? PRAY. Get back to the basics..
Which is???....
Is this going to help me get to Heaven?

**** If you don't know, then it's not important enough for you to be worrying about so just GIVE THE SITUATION TO GOD and let Him take care of it.****

Please note:
I dislike all those "situational" questions. If its going to happen, or happening, PRAY. Prayer will FIX all things. Keep Praying. P.S. Even if you don't have the Holy Ghost, God still answers prayer.

God Bless.

25 January 2010

Dear Friend

I wrote this on facebook, but thought it could be read here too.

Dear Friend,
Well, first of all, how are you? How was your day today? Mine was pretty good. Kind of busy, but over all a decent day. :)
So, I am writing you to say hi and explain a few things. I haven't talked to you in awhile, in fact, I probably am not even be your friend on facebook. But since when does internet sites like Facebook dictate who is our friend or not? Well, I wanted to let you know, I still think about you. Almost every day. I want to say hi, to get involved with your life again, to share your secretes, to understand your troubles and pain. Only I have a problem with this. I cannot get past this barrier. This barrier that I do not know how to break. I want to be your friend, to help, to share your load. This barrier is one of lack of communication all the time, lack of effort, lack of time, lack of caring, lack of understanding of the differences we have. I try and see past it, but I am coming from a different perspective and I fail.
I want to be there for you, for the laughs, for the tears. And I was. Once upon a time. Now, I barely know you. But I want to. I want to be able to pray for you. To take your problems to God, and show you that you can take your problems to God too. I don't know how to break this barrier. Maybe you do. Maybe you don't want to. Maybe you don't even care. Maybe you don't even remember the relationship we had. Maybe I am the only one who wants this.
Well, it doesn't matter. I will enjoy a relationship if you want, but if you don't, I still will continue doing what I have been for awhile. Praying for you. Letting God know that I haven't forgotten you and you are on my mind everyday. I think about how I know someone how can help you, someone who loves you more then I do, someone who knows everything about you and still wants you.
So if you read this, you know. I am praying for you. I love you even if we never talk again. I met you, had a relationship with you and memories for a reason and I will not forget. God had us meet and I will pray for you. For as long as I can. I love you and remember God does too. No matter what.

God Bless,

24 January 2010

First real snow fall of 2010

So funny story:
My dear sister was feeling a little bit of cabin fever this afternoon... Wait, let me back up. Every since yesterday, it has been snowing. LOTS. But what is Saskatchewan without snow?? So it's not like we haven't been expecting it, it just kept coming, and coming. ANYWAY so today, on day 2 of snow 'storm' of '10, Rach wanted to go for a WALK. Mildly crazy she is. So her ever stupider sister, ME said, okay I will go with you. So we decided to walk to Shopper Drug Mart just about four looong blocks from our house. So off we go, get all bundled up. **three pairs of tights, two icebeaker shirts and our ski skirts and of course our winter boots and hats.** We leave. The first block was fairly easy... Of course the first block was only a house away then we had to cross the road... RIGHT. The snow was about two feet deep, so here Rach and I are "goosestepping" across the road. Okay. we made it that far, then we got to the part where people hadn't gotten out of their house yet and THEY DID NOT SHOVEL. So there we go again, marching through the THREE feet deep snow. :P
Then we got to the part where it was open field and we were almost blown away from the wind. Okay, fine, then we made it. Good to go back home, after warming our frozen faces and getting an energy drink. On our way back, my dear sister has another epiphany to use the other side of the street so we won't be DIRECTLY in the wind... Only her recce skills failed miserably. the snow somehow was three feet high. Great. So we get to our first snow drift. I get over after running at it. Rach tries the same thing, only she falls.. on her face on the other side of the snow drift. Okay I help her up. Off we go again. then we get to the next one, I got first over again, but Rach feeling a little put out because I made it over the first snow drift without falling, decides to push me over. So down I go and crawl the rest of the way over and down because I found it was much safer that way. LOL Then I look ahead, oh there are two other brave people walking towards us...They fall. They try and help each other up. They fail. Rach and I just about die laughing.Then we meet up with them. The one person says, be careful over there, it's a little hard. So we give them the same warning about the snow drifts and continue our way home. We make it home.

Now, in the parting lot of Shoppers, one van got stuck and had to be helped out, then as we are leaving, we see this car that got REALLY stuck. So stuck that the driver decided to leave it there. Where it got stuck. LOL I thought that was pretty funny.

So my advice to you is: Don't listen to your older sibling when they are bored and want to do something.
God Bless.

03 October 2009

My country doesn't think we need,
Those who fought battles and won
A peacekeeping nation.
Yet they cry for action
When things go wrong,
Their faces filled with fear and indignation
They demand
Something be done.
"Don't they know we are in danger?"
They plea to a military
viewed as useless,
A military,
They forbid their sons and daughters to
Doug and Sylvia

London, England
Nova Scotia, Canada
The war wasn't confined.
The love wasn't prejudice.
06JUNE1944: D-Day
22AUG1946: Wedding Day
A nurse,
A soldier
Found love in war.

The Love
The twenty-eighth of April
In nineteen eight-four
The day that two people were
United by love and happiness
Parents wondered what would
Be the outcome for that day
Until they saw the love
That they were bonded with
Two children are the bloom of that love
Two lives have grown older
Becasue of that love
As the years go by
And they grow aged
That love is still there'
Still growing stronger.

Some writing... :)


The day looked on with anticipation.
The hopes and dreams
it seems to hold.
One gives freely of his will,
For on the morrow,
Everything will be better.
The morrow holds the keys to
Success or failure.
Is the stepping stone of life.
How can Tomorrow ever fail you?
The fail placed,
never wanes or is shaken.
For "There will be a tomorrow
and it would be better."